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Are you "Really accepted?"

By lotusleopard, Sep 30 2013 06:00PM

We all live in such a world where being "accepted" is a common want. In reality, it starts from a very young age to form seperate groups and cliches to be questioned everytime you enter a new habitat. Usually the first thing asked is "What are you?" How exactly are you supposed to answer such a question? I can be many things. Do you see the variety of options this world gives me? No matter the answer you give, the outcome is always the same. JUDGEMENT!

Now you're grown and on your own. So what do you plan to do with it? You've found your calling within a certain grouping. Open your eyes. Do you see it? It's still happening. Within your surrounding people still FORCE others to be outcasts. What are you willing to do about such things? You know what it's like to be them. Don't watch it happen before you.

As an aternative community, we stand as one and unite when the outsiders enter. But are you ok with those that feel so alone when by your side? Are you able to fully open your eyes, ears, and hearts to even someone you don't know? Reach a hand out to them and say "FUCK IT!"

What are you able to do?

By: Lotus Xi TigerLeopard

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