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Interview with Nightlife Party Host King Vulcanus

By Admin Kai Le, Jun 3 2013 03:48AM

Velvet Rose With King Vulcanus Lévi

Thank you for doing our Velvet Rose Designs Interview, its a pleasure to have you Vulcanus.

VR: At what year did you get into the party scene and what was it that attracted you?

KV: For the scene in of itself it has been centuries, but as for the look of my feather creations, it’s been a quite a few years.

VR: Were there any VIP people in the club scene you unexpectedly come across?

KV: Hmm.. I want to say yes, but I can’t think of any I’ve unexpectedly seen.

VR: You've successfully hosted many events in NYC, what are the stresses you have to deal with when it comes to coordinating?

KV: For hosting events I see it to not be hard at all, but I do see as producing events are where the challenges are. Such as time coordinating, booking, payouts, etc. Also to be focused and aware of the evening as the night progresses.

VR: Have you or do you ever plan on doing events in other states?

KV: This I haven’t thought of much but it has crossed my mind. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point and time.

VR: You have a very unique and exotic look we've seen with black feathers and all, who is your inspirations when it comes to dressing up?

KV: I see myself as my own inspiration when it comes to my feather creations. And I must say at this point in time I have expanded to other types and other colored feathers.

VR: What band or singer are you into now?

KV: I’m not really into anyone in particularly, but these days I’ve been drawn to Arabic house techno. And of course industrial, which I always have passion for.

VR: Do you see yourself partying it up in the next 10 years?

KV: Really good question. Partying maybe not. But in the scene of nightlife entertainment yes.

VR: What are some good spots to hit up on a Friday night in New York?

KV: These days for a Friday night I would say club pyramid, where everyone will get to enjoy a wild night with myself, Vulcanus.

VR: Any words for your fans and beloved partygoers?

KV: I want to thank you all for all of your support of all of my events and hope to see you all again! Long live nightlife entertainment! And long live the ones who strive and continue!

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