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Dust Dark Gothic Couple

By Admin Kai Le, Jun 3 2013 03:02AM

Yes indded we have 5 beautiful new models for Velvet Rose Designs introducting:

Talia, Yana, M.Stargazerrr, Kumayami and Gothm City Girl

By Admin Kai Le, May 27 2013 04:40PM

Yes its Model Week for VRD. This is the week we get a review and get a load of models to be represented on our site. So we have some amazing roses for you all in the up coming days.

By Admin Kai Le, May 19 2013 12:33PM

So this crazy idea popped into my head might not even be a new one but since Velvet Rose Designs is a gothic clothing company why not work with other similar designs in creating Goth Con, yes Goth Con in New York. This is something that may take time but im sure could be well established with enough help. Its a for for everyone to come together, generate buisness and information among ourselfs. What do you think?

By guest, May 1 2013 12:30AM

We would like to welcome you to the Velvet Rose Designs blog page, here we shall be posting up about up coming seasonal fashions and events for your reading please. Your feed back is much welcomed and were waiting to her from you.