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Dust Dark Gothic Couple

By daleycatherine, Oct 2 2013 05:07AM

My name is Daley Catherine. I am an alternative model and event coordinator residing in Austin, TX. Along side my life partner Logan South, I run the Vampire Court of Austin and well as the Gothic/alternative event group Nocturnity. We host a variety of Gothic and alternative events within the city including the annual Austin Vampire Ball. I have been a part of the Gothic community since I was very young. For me, it has been a way of expressing my innermost passions and desires to their fullest extent. Our events have always promoted diversity and acceptance of such diversity. It is that concept that I feel makes the Gothic community such an important asset.

When you think of the word "community", most commonly, thoughts and images of a small group of like minded individuals comes to mind. I feel the Gothic culture has surpassed these mundane expectations and ascended into a concept that is often unheard of in this day and age; a diverse and widespread group of very different and unique individuals. In my experience and travels, I have met many people within the Gothic culture of different views, beliefs, morals, styles, and musical tastes. I have learned new and interesting things from those who's theories and views were different from my own. This has allowed me to see beyond my own reality and extended an invitation to a more open minded approach to life. This is what I feel makes the Gothic culture so special. Everyone within the culture may view the world through different eyes, but all be accepted and offered an opportunity to learn a different view within their own community through another's art and dark passions. It is important to keep this acceptance open by keeping the diversity of the Gothic culture alive. Accept all, learn from all, and see everything as a possible lesson. Share your beauty and passions with others and don't be afraid to be your true self to the fullest extent.

~Daley Catherine