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Whats Velvet Rose Designs?

Were a small fashion, art and product designs business that started in New

York 2010. With much work we have established our name of 2012. Our

small business grew and changed to service the needs of our customers more

thus creating that much of a stronger bond. Its not about money its about

the people, the art and the lifestyle we came from.


Who we are?

A awesome band of creative people who wanna get our works out in various

ways. Weather its in fashion, art or even videos were talented and have what

it takes. Made up of tattoo artist, clothing designs and graphic designers,

event promoters and photographers were on a path to enlighten ourselves

and others.









Whats our goal?

Our main goal is to expand to the point where we own a physical franchise, building a true home for Velvet Rose Designs in neon lights. So now we are recruiting upcoming artist and talents that create the trends we see now, also keeping up with demands of customers. A project we have in mind is to work adolescence in arts, teaching clothing design, working with art stencils, how to make porfolios and the importantance to of staying in school. Its not all fun and games, you gotta know the in's and out's of starting a business. We are here for our community and inspire to work with other comepanies and artist alike.


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