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Are you a Model and you would like to be published in our Nerd Kink Magazine?!? We are very happy to receive your best photoset and video if it respects our mood then it will be published.


Do you want to pose for us, maybe for the cover? Just send some of your pictures or your IG profile; we will be very happy to work with you!

Brand Standards

Velvet Rose is NOT pornography. We have a mixture of tasteful boudoir and kink showcasing BDSM apparel and even promoting those in the NSFW industry.



As part of the Velvet Rose network, we grow our beauty by helping one another's talents. Actions you make do affect the company so please be aware. Interested in becoming an ambassador? See here


Our Mission is to be a place where those who deserve the opportunity get one. What you do with that opportunity is up to you. We are here to help with any questions you may have. Get started here.


The Velvet Rose is not filled with basic run-of-the-mill models. Inked? Come on in? A model with other talents? Have a seat we will get you a drink! Don't conform to social standards of beauty? We want you!

Photo Guidelines

We require professional or semi-professional photosets with a minimum of 300dpi and NO watermarks. Photos may be submitted by either the model or the photographer whoever has the rights. See here

Photo Release and Reuse

By becoming part of the Velvet Rose, any photos posted on the website, or printed in our publication constitute a release and are subject.

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