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Becoming A Brand Ambassador

1. Must be 18+ to begin.

2. You must live and breathe alternative /kink /gaming culture fashion.

3. You must be super active on social media (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook etc.) Always finding new, creative ways to promote Velvet rose designs as we promote you.

4. You must have great interest in good photography (does not have to be professional - as long as you can work your phone well or have a photographer). Quality and creative photos showing products.

5. Be Original in featuring content, no meme's please.

6. Reside in U.S, Canada, Mexico.


1. Get 15% OFF on exclusive Velvet Rose Brands by representing our products on Facebook/ Instagram, Twitter. With a higher class following get up to 30% off.

2. Opportunity for a magazine feature.

3. Weekly product send out.

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